AquaChoice® Sport B Retarder


AquaChoice® Sport B Retarder is an additive for slowing down the reaction speed of Berger-Seidle AquaChoice® water-based finishes. This product is recommended and useful for extremely dry and/or hot regions to normalize the finish’s drying process. It helps to support a normal film building process.



Components: solvents, according MSDS

Clarity: clear

Scent: unoffensive

Body: moderate

Texture: liquid

Packaging: 0.4 us fl qt [371ml]

Coverage: same as varnish

Stability: do not freeze

Leveling: excellent

Defoaming: excellent

Dry Time: N / A

Cure Time: N / A

Chemical Resistance: N / A

Shelf Life: 48 months unopened

Flash Point: N / A

Certifications & Approvals