Manufacturing – Quality by Technology

High delivery performance – fast and fresh

A very high level of performance to deliver is part of the basic motto of the company. To ensure this, we systematically and automatically analyze the trends – seasonally, in the short and long term -, adapting our warehousing capacity to the new demands and current demand trends on a daily basis. Our goal is to always deliver up to larger standard order quantities for all standard products right from the stock. At the same time, we also take care to frequently produce fresh goods and keep them in stock. For special or large customers in Germany and worldwide, we also manufacture complete batches individually for orders, often important for long transport routes, for example to Russia, USA, China or Australia. Two large dispense halls with four parallel truck-dogging stations allow fast handling for small and large orders. Everything is completely tracked by batch and location, from the raw material to the finished product. In this way, we support our customers with a high degree of readiness to deliver – fast and fresh.


Flexibility is a top priority at Berger-Seidle. The production is ready to produce batches from 1 kg to 15,000 kg. The nearby shipping area can then flexibly prepare small orders as well as full container and jumbo loads during order picking. Thanks to job rotation, many employees can work in a variety of ways and thus respond well to bottlenecks.

State-of-the-art production technology

Berger invests sustainably and regularly in state-of-the-art production technology. In this way we not only achieve the described flexibility, but also latest and best manufacturing reliability and efficiency. System-supported processes, semi-automatic and fully automated, support the competent team of employees and are an important basis to avoid and recognize human errors – and to ensure exactly the same processes in subsequent productions with different employees. The machinery includes all relevant and latest equipment and procedures, e.g. vacuum disolver for glue production, pearl mills for perfect milling processes, incan micro-batch plants with production directly into the sales container, automatic winding and shrinking machines for optimal load securing, small and large disolvers for all possible batch sizes, small and large semi and fully automatic filling lines, parameters controlled and closed process control, and much more.

Triple quality assurance

There is surely nothing more important at Berger-Seidle than a safe and reliably running product. For this reason, we work with a triple and high quality assurance system for every product: firstly with every raw material, secondly with every semi-finished product or intermediate product, and thirdly with every finished product. Our laboratory specifies the respective criteria and target values in each individual case. These are permanently checked and monitored for each batch, and only in case of conformity we issue the approval – with triple safety.

Highest process know-how

High and specialized process know-how and competent production staff ensure the implementation of new product developments in small and large-scale productions. Production speed and quality assurance are achieved through the close coordination of the departments. A advanced training system ensures the expertise and high motivation and dedication of the employees as well as flexibility.


Our company premises of approximately 24,000 m² offer ideal space for the entire facilities, buildings and logistics, but also potential for the further development of the company for decades. With thousands of pallet storage spaces on thousands of square meters of production and storage space, the logistics can be very well organized and handled. For raw materials there are many dozens of tanks available, with a capacity of up to 30,000 liters. Partly underground, partly in air-conditioned halls, to ensure optimal efficiency in purchasing and logistics.

Working safety and environmental protection

On the basis of a straight safety system, the production takes place consistently according to the principle of risk minimization. To achieve this goal, a broad environmental and working safety management has been installed. Extra fire safety segmentation, fire alarm systems, fire water retention capacities, regular exercises and safety training, safety officers, production monitoring systems, room sensors, ergonomic work aids, non-emitting tank filling, solvent distillation and much more measures stand for highest safety and environmental standards.