Products – The World of Options

“…wood floors deserve the best!” is the major guideline of our philosophy. This not only relates to product quality, but also to the product options. At Berger-Seidle®, you find the complete world of options from only one single source – specialized on SPORT FLOOR and above.

All Options

Berger-Seidle®‘s product world therefore includes all product worlds. Products for floor preparation, adhesives, fillers, OMUs, sealers, finishes, oils, stains, maintenance and care products and many problem solvers as well as special products. All this on a variety of chemical-technical bases. Together with our customers, we advise on the individually matching solution.

Berger-Seidle®’s brands are famous for quality and reliability, in Germany and worldwide, and this since decades. Both traditional products as well as the very latest innovations are part of the product range, such as the product families AquaChoice®, OilChoice or BergerBond, or single brands as UNO, LT-Export, Everclear, PowerFiller, ExpressStain.

All certifications

Also unique is the range of product certifications. Berger-Seidle® has the right certification for almost every case and requirement – confirmed externally and independently by institutes and laboratories. They range from the FIBA, MFMA, Blue Angel, Emicode EC1 or slip resistance to sweat fastness, saliva fastness or children’s toy suitability. Our goal: maximum safety for our health and product performance!

DIN V 18032-2 / DIN EN 14904 / DIN 71-3 / DIN 53160 / BGR 181 / DIN 51130 / R9,R10, R11

All Colors

Creativity and individuality without limits is offered by the world of colors within the Berger-Seidle® product line. Whether line paints or colored oils and coating systems, the customer has the choice. Alone the product Classic BaseOil already offers almost 60 colors. If that’s not enough for you, you can use the very personal Berger-Seidle® color shade service or mix your own color and thus make the rooms creative and individual – unique!

All Gloss Levels

Outstanding is the range of Berger-Seidle® gloss levels. The products usually offer a variety of options of up to 5 degrees of gloss for floor finishes, from glossy to extremely matt. This allows us to find the perfect shine for every taste, even a beautiful raw wood look with our uniquely invisible finish.

All Packaging Sizes

Also the packaging options show the completest range of options. A wide variety of packaging sizes from 3 oz. up to 5 gal. are part of the standard program – depending on the product and the customers‘ needs. Every customer finds the right packaging size and quantity for his needs.

All Combinations

Flexibility through combinability – this is also what the matched Berger Seidle® systems offer. In this way, the customer can also rely on maximum security from the systems tested together. Variable combinations of different technical worlds, for example, allow a variety of combinations such as oil-wax, oil-oil, oil-2K water-based finish, oil-1K water-based finish…. and many more, like the appropriate problem solvers like FlexFill. Which combination do you want?

All Problem Solvers

Special challenges on the construction site can be solved by appropriate problem solving products. From the dark-tintable adhesive to the certified PAK isolation solution, we offer unique options on the market that will save you money, protect your health and provide comfort in your home.

Everything from one Source

All this is what the customers of Berger-Seidle® receive from one source. That means: just one technical service, just one order, just one delivery. Satisfaction through a round and reliable assortment and fast delivery.

What are you looking for?

  • Water based parquet finishes
  • Alcohol based parquet finishes
  • Coating of elastic floors
  • Coating of mineral floors
  • Maintenance and care systems
  • Oil systems for parquet
  • Oil systems for wood outdoors
  • Coloring systems for finishes and oils
  • Adhesives for parquet
  • Adhesives for other floors
  • Moisture barrier and consolidation for the underground Coloring systems for adhesives Fillers Primers
  • Sealers
  • Thinners
  • Cleaning products
  • Soaps and alkalis
  • Waxes
  • Wood floor joint finishes
  • Care systems for prefinished parquet
  • Sport floor Line Paints
  • Sports floor systems oil based
  • Sports floor systems water based
  • Fire protection systems
  • Tools
  • PAK isolation

…many more special products & problem solvers!