AquaChoice® Sport B Seal Up


AquaChoice® Sport B SealUp is a highly elastic one-component waterborne wood floor sealer specially formulated to reduce sidebonding and panelization. The suitability for its purpose is evidenced by a test certificate as per MFMA. AquaChoice® Sport B SealUp is especially effective in coating wood installed over in-floor heating, floors with various types of floor movement and resisting high thermocycle expansion/contraction effects. AquaChoice® Sport B SealUp is recommended for upend strip flooring, wood paving, floating and plank floors.



Components: waterbased dispersions, according MSDS

Clarity: translucent, dries clear

Scent: unoffensive

Body: moderate

Texture: liquid

Density: 8.345 lb/gal [1.00g/cm3]

Packaging: 5 gal [18,93l]

Sheen: N / A

Coverage: 300-500 sf/gal [80-120ml/m2 or 8-12m2/l]

Stability: do not freeze

Leveling: excellent

Defoaming: excellent

Dry Time: 1 2 hrs.

Cure Time:
8 14 days, depending on
climate conditions

Chemical Resistance: N / A

Shelf Life: 15 months unopened

Flash Point: N / A

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