R & D – Top Level Innovations

Berger-Seidle® is known as innovation leader in the industry – nationally and worldwide. For decades, and thus since the birth of the wood and sports floor finishing segment, the company stands for the highest quality standards, specialization and innovative strength.

In these decades, Berger-Seidle® has been regularly rewarded for its outstanding innovation activities and outstanding products. An example of this is the award as “Germany TOP100 Innovator 2016” with the top grade A+.

This makes us both proud and grateful, and at the same time it is a motivation to get always better and to continue to invest in new products, improvements and innovations. Today, therefore, we reinvest a large part of our annual sales consistently and continuously in innovation and development – specifically in state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified specialist personnel.

Our motivated development team also has an optimal mix of skilled workers: young talents together with development professionals with decades of experience, PhD chemists together with master installers, coating technicians together with laboratory technicians. This ideal mix, combined with a high level of personal responsibility, guarantees continuous dynamics and new impulses on a solid basis. As a result, around a quarter of our workforce today wears a “white coat,” and only cares about this topic.

By doing so, we integrate the diversity of the wide range of raw materials and also the latest legal developments. We are in permanent and close contact with raw material manufacturers, authorities and associations. Likewise, we realize a full and balanced integration of chemical-technical theory and practice – which is why chemists and wood floor masters equally make significant contributions. Thus, we achieve technically intelligent systems, which simply and reliably work in the application.

Our broad Berger-Seidle® testing technology is a further basis for this. A finish has up to 100 different valuation features, which we define, test and record individually and comprehensively for each system. Not only in development, but also for every production batch, every semi-finished product and every raw material. Quality from A to Z.

For example, our climate test routine is unique. In specially designed climatic chambers and defined test scenarios, the research and development team, together with the application engineering department, develops and tests each system for its practical suitability. So we imitate all four extreme climates from cold / humid, over warm / humid and cold / dry to warm / dry. Only products that pass these strict procedures reach the Berger-Seidle market maturity. Today these products are found globally everywhere … in Siberia, Singapore, Florida, Mexico, Iceland, Denmark and of course Germany in the hands of satisfied customers.

In a nutshell: Top development performance thanks to outstanding specialists, state-of-the-art technology and almost 100 years of experience as a specialist.