OilChoice Sport B Poly 450


OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 is a universally applicable 1-component highsolid oil modified urethane product using high quality modified natural oils. OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 contains solvents and its binders are made from vegetable raw materials. OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 has a low side-gluing effect and is great for any sport floor application. OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 will adhere to most sovent-based and waterborne finishes after proper preparation, drying and curing times. OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 provides an extremely tough, high build gloss finish with excellent chemical resistance, protecting against perspiration and routine cleaning. OilChoice SPORT B Poly 450 meets the federal and most state clean air quality standards. It is easy to maintain.



Components: Hydrocarbons, according MSDS

Clarity: translucent, dries clear

Body: full

Texture: richly smooth

Density: 7.50 lb/gal

5 gal

Sheen: (measured at 60°)*
gloss (>80)

Coverage: 350-550 sf/gal

Stability: do not freeze

Leveling: excellent

Defoaming: excellent

Dry Time: 48 hrs.

Cure Time:
8 – 14 days, depending on climate conditions

Chemical Resistance: excellent

Shelf Life: 24 months unopened

Flash Point: 40°C

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