CleanChoice® Sport B DailyClean


CleanChoice Sport B DailyClean is a cleaning agent to be added to water for damp wiping of finished and oiled hardwood flooring. It is also suitable for other floors, doors, window frames and plastic surfaces. The product is available as a concentrate.



Components: according MSDS

Clarity: colorless

Scent: lemon

Body: light liquid

Texture: water-like

Density: 8,26 lb/gal [0,997 g/cm3]

Packaging: 5 gal [18,97 l]

Sheen: N/A

Coverage: 2000 sf/gal [20 ml/m² or 50 m²/l]

Stability: do not freeze

Leveling: N/A

Defoaming: N/A

Drying Time: water

Cure Time: N/A

Chemical Resistance: N/A

Shelf Life: 2 years unopened

Flash Point: N/A

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