Premium – Safety by Quality Management

Already in the 1990s, we have installed an official quality management system. Since then, we have been externally certified and tested according to DIN EN ISO 9001. For us, quality management is not just an empty phrase in a marketing brochure; it is part of our self-understanding. Therefore, we are constantly developing it to the next stage, thus enabling a dynamic quality principle that is deeply integrated in our corporate structures. In a nutshell: mistakes must be systematically avoided. And if a mistake really happens, then we have to learn from it, modify processes and train all involved people in the team to avoid this mistake in the future.

According to this credo, we were also one of the first companies in Germany who introduced of the newest standard 9001: 2015. Our quality processes integrate all relevant topics: legislation, consumer protection, environmental protection, compliance, data protection, employees’ safety, quality assurance, training, health protection, work organization, testing technology, to name just a few examples.

This quality management is a sustainable focus of our values, long-term philosophy and daily work.